Montane Spine Race launches two new ultra running events

spine race runners
The Spine Race has added two new events to the series (Image credit: Spine Race)

The organiser of one of the UK’s toughest running races, The Montane Spine, has launched two new events.

The Spine Sprint, which is aimed at “entry level ultra runners” is set to take place on Saturday June 19, 2021. This is an extra event on the day of the 108-mile Summer Spine Challenger and 268-mile Summer Spine Race.

Spine Sprint runners will cover 43 miles on the first section of the Pennine Way from Edale to Hebden Bridge. They must finish in 18 hours or faster. 

Though a shorter race, runners must be self-sufficient and the organisers promise it will still be a serious test of endurance with no more hand-holding for “sprinters” than there is for the starters in the full race.

runners in spine race

The Spine Race is a notoriously tough event (Image credit: Spine Race)

runners in the spine

The aim is to launch a race for entry level ultra runners (Image credit: Spine Race)

More races at winter Spine

There will also be a winter edition of the Spine Sprint in January 2022, alongside a new Spine Challenger North. The Spine Challenger North will follow the160 miles of trail left at the end of the current Spine Challenger route.

It bridges the gap between the current 108-mile Challenger and the 268-mile Spine Race itself, starting at Hawes and taking runners along the northern-most sections of the Pennine Way to the finish line in Kirk Yetholm, Scotland. 

The new events come after a surge in support for the Virtual Spine Race in January.

Race director Phil Hayday-Brown said: “The massive support we saw for the virtual race in January convinced us that there is a place for a Spine event that caters to those who are ready and eager for a taste of the Spine but need to work their way up to the 'big' race’.”

More details can be found at Spine Race event

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