New ultra-running startup launches shoes designed to handle hundreds of miles at a time

Mount to Coast R! ultra running shoes
Mount to Coast R! ultra running shoe (Image credit: Mount to Coast)

Mount to Coast, a Hong Kong-based startup claiming to be the first fitness brand in the world to specialize in dedicated ultra running footwear, has just launched its first two shoes: the R1 for racing, and the S1 for training.

Engineered in Mount to Coast’s own biomechanics lab, the R1 and S1 are built specifically for the ultra running community. According to Mount to Coast, a team of leading performance footwear designers worked with human movement scientists to invent state-of-the-art technology addressing issues runners face specifically in endurance running.

This resulting proprietary technology is designed to protect against overuse injuries common to long-distance running and offers consistent cushioning with dynamic, adjustable support for elevated performance, mile after mile.

The R1 (made for race days) is designed for maximum breathability, with an adjustable, dual lace system that can expand as your foot swells over long distances, while the S1 (designed for training days) focuses on a more protective design on the heel and the toe cap.

Mount to Coast S1 ultra running shoes

The Mount to Coast S1 designed for training (Image credit: Mount to Coast)

Both models incorporate proprietary, brand-developed technologies:

ZeroSag – a midsole insert that draws inspiration from shock absorbers of a race car

LightCELL – a midsole base material that enhances advanced supercritical foaming technology with pure nitrogen, making it 50% lighter than EVA and providing 45% more energy return

GOFLOW – cutting-edge midsole geometry based on biomechanical research to optimize running stride from heel to toe

TUNEDFIT Dual Lacing System (only in the R1) – allows for customizable fit for the forefoot and midfoot separately, addressing the issue of swollen feet often encountered by ultra runners during long distances

Mount to Coast record breaking shoes worn

Here’s a new one – publicize your new shoes with press shots of smelly old shoes (albeit record-breaking smelly old shoes) (Image credit: Mount to Coast)

Athletes wearing prototypes of R1 and S1 set records in the 2024 Mount To Coast sponsored JOGLE (John o'Groats to Land's End), a multi-day event spanning 854 miles across the entirety of the UK. British runner Justin Montague finished nearly 40 hours faster than the previous record, breaking individual stage records each day in a single pair of R1s, while Lucong Geng set the Asian record, covering over 600 miles of the journey in a single pair of S1s.

The R1 (8.5oz / 240g for a men’s size nine) retails for $160, and the S1 (9.35oz / 265g for a men’s size nine) for $150.

Both designs are available for purchase today on Mount to Coast’s website in three color options per model (all variations of white and black), with a 30-day money-back guarantee.