Photo of ‘invisible’ hiker confuses internet

invisible hiker camouflage arm
The 'invisible' hiker has confused the internet (Image credit: Reddit: u/BalrogBunghole)

At first glance there seems to just be three people in this photo. However, upon closer inspection something doesn’t seem quite right. Despite only three visible hands, there are four small bottles of alcohol, and there’s what appears to be a floating blue glove. But how can this be?

First posted by u/BalrogBunghole on Reddit, the image was then transferred to Twitter, confusing the internet along the way. Captioned “I swear there’s four of us,” the image has confused countless people.

Since being posted on February 14, the tweet has had 223,500 likes and close to 50,000 retweets, stumping people trying to decipher where the fourth person actually is. 

Hint: the fourth arm is under a camouflage jacket on the left of the image. 

One Reddit user commented: “I'm embarrassed that I was actually fooled by camo for once.”

Another said “This is one of my favorites. Thought I had it all figured out...the 4th member's arm was hidden under the cameraman's arm. That camo blends in perfectly.”

reddit comments

Reddit users couldn't quite work out what was happening in the photo (Image credit: Reddit: u/BalrogBunghole)