Withings launches the ScanWatch Nova, a luxury dive watch with smartwatch-style fitness tracking

Withings ScanWatch Nova
Smart divers use the Withings ScanWatch Nova (Image credit: Withings)

Sometimes you want a smartwatch that doesn’t look like a smartwatch. You want something a little more classical. A little more stylish. The kind of thing James Bond might wear if he was changing out of a wetsuit and into a tux for a night at the casino (and needed to keep check on his heart rate, because if it gets too high it’ll trigger a nuclear bomb, or something…)

And that’s what Withings is aiming for with the ScanWatch Nova, a high-quality diver’s style watch that marries the advanced technology of the ScanWatch Horizon (which launched in Europe in 2022 and sold out in a few days) with a sleek, premium diver-style design, making it among the most feature-rich hybrid watches available today.

According to the brand: “ScanWatch Nova features exclusive pioneering technology with powerful health scanning and a phenomenal 30-day battery life - all in a luxurious diver-style watch.”

The Nova combines a water-resistant stainless steel housing with a mechanical dial, a small display and smart features.

The biggest difference to the Horizon is the diving watch-style, 42mm stainless steel case, which is waterproof to a depth of 10ATM, and so can be worn for swimming or snorkelling. 

The watch also features a rotatable ceramic and stainless steel bezel, hands ans indices that glow in the dark and – crucial for all those smartwatch features – a small 0.63in, round, grayscale AMOLED display integrated into the dial.

Withings ScanWatch Nova

Rotate that bezel (Image credit: Withings)

In terms of fitness tracking features, the ScanWatch Nova offers heart rate and SpO2 sensor as well as an electrocardiogram (ECG) and skin temperature sensors. The watch also supports sleep tracking and automatic tracking of more than 40 activities. The ScanWatch Nova is compatible with both Apple iPhones and Android smartphones. 

The Withings ScanWatch Nova is available exclusively from the manufacturer’s website in a black, blue or green models, each priced at $599.95 (US) / £549.95 (UK). It comes with a choice of either an Oyster metal wristband or a fluoroelastomer sports wristband, but Withings also offers other wristbands in store for an additional charge.