Watch Snoop Dogg’s bizarre campfire commercial for Solo Stove

Snoop Dogg Solo Stove advert
(Image credit: Solo Stove)

When we reviewed the “smokeless”  – and very, very shiny – Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 recently, the last thing we expected was for a veteran rapper to go viral with an advert for the thing. But here’s Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr – Snoop Dogg to his bros – endorsing Solo Stove, taking a frankly bizarre angle to connect the hip hop star to the high-end outdoor fire pit and grill…

It all comes down the the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0’s “smokeless” claim (which we thought was overstating things a bit in our review, but let’s roll with it for the sake of this advertising shtick). Mr Dogg is a famous fan of the wacky baccy; his cannabis use is legendary and well documented. And he announces in this ad that he’s “giving up smoke” (he’d actually used the same phrase in social media posts a few days earlier – see below).

That sounds like he saying goodbye to cannabis (it wouldn’t be the first time). But no, he actually means he’s embracing Solo Stove’s “smokeless” technology.

Here’s that social media post from a few days ago. Look at the number of responses!

So while it’s not exactly the most elegant adverting tag line ever written, it certainly did the job in whipping up interest online.

As Solo Stove’s new spokesman, Snoop will help with “smokeless product innovation”, which presumably translates as “expect to see him in a load more upcoming promotional material for Solo Stove with loads of thinly disguised weed euphemisms”.

Oh, and Solo is also now offering a limited edition Snoop Dogg Solo Stove Bundle, including a bonfire pit, pit stand, bucket hat and sticker pack.

Just to make it clear, our reviewer love the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 and gave it four stars; they just thought that the smokeless claims were overstated.

Solo Stove Snoop Dogg Going Smokeless hat

(Image credit: Solo Stove)