These limited edition Ortlieb bikepacking bags are roomy, tough, and sustainable

Bike fitted with Ortlieb limited edition mustard bikepacking bags
(Image credit: Ortlieb)

Ortlieb, German maker of super tough waterproof cycling luggage, has launched a new set of limited edition bikepacking bags for adventures in all weathers, putting surplus fabric remnants to good use.

The range includes a nine-liter handlebar pack that's suitable for both drop and straight handlebars, a three-liter frame pack, and a 16.5-liter seat pack.

That gives you plenty of space on your handlebars and seat for your tent, sleeping bag and clothes (check out our guide to what to wear for bikepacking for some essential advice on that front), with room on your frame for smaller essentials. The frame bag is rugged and versatile enough for gravel riders and mountain bikers too.

The whole set is made from surplus fabric and finished in a muted yellow hue, which is good for ensuring you're visible to other road and trail users on your adventures. According to BikeBiz, Ortlieb has suggested that the shade is inspired by the 2023 Pantone color of the year, but that seems to be a case of crossed wires because this year's shade is actually a Barbie-inspired pink called Viva Magenta.

The frame pack is priced at £100 (about $130), the handlebar bag is £120 (about $150), and the seat pack is £159 (about $200).

Cat Ellis

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