Forget flowers – this Valentine’s gift pack for runners says, “I lube you”

Woman runner holding hands up in a heart shape
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Nothing says, “I love you,” like some lube, running gels, a few endurance boosters and socks… as long as your loved one is seriously into their running anyway.

Because, if you’re quick, you’ll be able to order the runner in your life a (very tongue-in-cheek) Valentine’s Gift Box, packed with over $80 worth of healthy nutrition, running gear and performance-boosting chocolate.

Fuel Goods, a relatively recent entrant into the sports nutrition marketplace whose USP seems to be a rather humorous approach, has teamed up with Another Mother Runner, a leading community for runners, to launch this limited-edition Valentine’s Day box for $45, that’s sure to make any runner’s heart race.

Fuel Goods Runner’s Valentine’s Day Box

There’s lots of running fuel, socks and a Tacx custom water bottle in the limited edition Fuel Goods Runner’s Valentine’s Day Box (Image credit: Fuel Goods)

It's  calling the gift box an Endorphin Rush Romance Pack and it offers things like runner’s endurance boosters, lube, hydration and lingerie… erm, socks, but lingerie sounds a bit sexier. (There’s also a Buff snood with a 'LOVE' print in the promo image but that isn’t listed on the site, sadly.)

All this, plus a customizable Valentine’s love note for your 'ooey-gooey' messages, as the site puts it. Or you might want to remain anonymous, just in case they would have preferred a massive box of chocolates after all.

“Everyone associates Valentine’s Day with unhealthy chocolate and other things runners don’t actually want,” says Fuel Goods CPO, Courteney Lowe. “So, our team got together and thought, why not package something that runners would love, and anyone would love to get them… Everything they'd need to keep their romance with the road alive.”

A limited number of boxes are now on sale at and are selling fast. They also appear only to ship within the US.

Fuel Goods Runner's Valentine’s Day Box

The Fuel Goods Runner’s Valentine’s Day Box all wrapped up in heart-patterned tissue paper (Image credit: Fuel Goods)