These new trail running shoes have soles based on gravel bike tires

Vittoria Craft Xplor
(Image credit: Craft / Vittoria)

Gravel bike tires grip to trails pretty darn good, so why not apply that tech to trail running shoes? That’s the philosophy behind a new collaboration between bicycles tire brand Vittoria and sportswear brand Craft, who have created the world’s first gravel running shoes, with a sole inspired by MTB tires.

The Italian bicycle tire company and Swedish outdoor clothing brand have teamed up to create the Craft Xplor, a trail running shoe with an outsole inspired by the performance of the tire brand’s Terreno Mix and Terreno Dry gravel tires.

The Terreno Mix pattern’s aggressive arrow lugs provide exceptional off-road performance, while the Terreno Dry tire’s fish-scale tread ensures superior grip on roads and in wet conditions. Thick and thin flex grooves enhance traction, and strategically placed cut-outs reduce weight, promising discerning runners unmatched performance across diverse terrains and changing weather conditions, claim the brands.

The men’s XPlor weighs 300g while the women’s iteration is 240g, with both having a heel drop of 6mm. For reference, Hoka’s popular Speedgoat model also weighs 240g for women, with a 4mm drop.

“We aim to provide dedicated runners with the world’s best shoes, and teaming up with Vittoria, the leading manufacturer of performance bicycle tires, is truly amazing,” says Daniel Högling, creative director at Craft.

Vittoria Craft Xplor

Tire tread soles for sticking to trails (Image credit: Craft / Vittoria)

“Seamlessly integrating our gravel cycling expertise into trail running has resulted in a unique outsole, promising unmatched grip across diverse surfaces and in ever-changing weather conditions,” says Ken Avery, SVP of product development at Vittoria.

Other tire manufacturers have also used their tech for footwear. Michelin and Continental designs have adorned the soles of ski boots, running shoes, fashion footwear and work boots for years. But the Craft Xplor is the first running shoe with a sole inspired specifically by gravel tires.

Now all Vittoria has to do is create a wetsuit made from tires and you could compete an entire triathlon using Vittoria tech throughout.

Vittoria Craft Xplor

The view from above is less tire-y (Image credit: Craft / Vittoria)

You can buy the Craft Xplor at Running Warehouse in the US for $139.99 or Running Point in the UK for £134.90.