Watch amazing footage of a snoozing brown bear in Angeles National Forest

brown bear sleeping
Having a good sleep is a bear necessity (Image credit: Getty)

This month, after three years of effort, nature photographer Robert Martinez achieved his dream of catching a brown bear enjoying a nap.

Martinez managed to capture the footage on one of the many camera traps he had set up in California's Angeles National Forest. The bear, named Wilford, was filmed for no less than four hours, as he dug a bed for himself and indulged in a nap.

He told CBS, "I knew the animals would come by and probably leave their mark in one way or another, but I did not know Wilford would make a bed and lay right in front of my camera.”

This isn't the first time Wilford has been captured on film by the photographer. Martinez sets up camera traps all over Angeles National Forest in the hope of capturing exciting footage of the resident wildlife, which includes other brown bears and mountain lions. 

His strategy is to place the cameras where he can see the hallmarks of brown bear or other animal interaction, such as by a claw-marked tree. 

Martinez has been observing and capturing Wilford's behaviour for three years, much of which can be seen on his Instagram profile. He clearly has a soft spot for the bear, telling 8 News Now: "If people couldn't love him enough, they love him more after this."

Bear safety

Martinez is an experienced wildlife photographer and uses remote camera traps to capture his footage of beautiful brown bears. However, these are dangerous animals and you should not attempt to approach them yourself. Just this week, officials at Glacier Bay National Park have been advising visitors to take extra care.

For tips on how to avoid close encounters, and how to stay safe if you get too close for comfort, see our guide what to do if you meet a bear.

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