Watch brown bear execute a flawless belly flop while fishing at National Park

Brown bear catching salmon in Alaskan river
(Image credit: Getty)

A brown bear has been captured on video performing a neat belly flop while fishing for salmon in an Alaskan National Park. 

Each year, broadcasts a livestream of the bears at Katmai National Park and Reserve as they hunt for sockeye in Brooks River. Having woken from their long hibernation, the bears need to replenish their fat stores, and the migrating fish provide the perfect opportunity.

One of this week's highlights was the moment when one bear paused at the top of the falls, seeming to compose itself, then launched itself into the air to land in the water below. The Department of the Interior shared the clip on its Twitter account, and you can watch the video below:

Alongside the livestream, the park will be holding its annual Fat Bear Week contest, in which viewers cast their votes for the bear that gains the most weight over the warmer months when food is plentiful. 

When competition time arrives, you'll be able to cast your vote for the chubbiest animal in an online poll. Fat bears are well prepared to face the harsh Alaskan winters and stand the best chance of making it through hibernation, so a fat bear is a healthy one. The most successful at fishing (and gorging itself) will take its place in the park's Hall of Champions.

Cat Ellis

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