Watch curious moose approach careless man snoozing by river

Moose standing in shallow river
(Image credit: Getty)

A man had a close run-in with two moose while napping by a river in Colorado. Passers-by attempted to warn the man as the animals approached within a few feet, but he was wearing earbuds and didn't hear them.

Despite their generally gentle nature, moose attacks far outnumber bear attacks – partly because of their sheer numbers. and partly because they're easy to underestimate. They are the largest members of the deer family, weighing around 1,000lb and averaging 6ft tall from hoof to shoulder. The males also sporting impressive antlers, though the animals in the video, which you can watch below, appear to be female.

Moose will typically avoid humans, but like all wild animals, can attack when threatened, they believe their young are at risk, or are in mating season.

Luckily for the dozing man, the moose quickly lost interest and wandered elsewhere. Indeed, moose are usually the ones to leave first if they encounter a human, but there are still some important things to watch out for to keep yourself safe. If the animal stomps its hooves, grunts, or appears to be raising its hair, it's time to deescalate the situation.

Start by securing any pets or children that might run or make noise and spook the moose, then back away while talking calmly. Keep your eyes on the animal, and keep moving until you're at least 50ft away. If you can get something in the way of its line of sight (like a tree or boulder), so much the better.

If the moose does charge, your best course of action is to play dead. The animal is likely to attack with its front hooves, so pull in your knees and use your arms to protect your head and neck. If you have a backpack, you can use it to cover your head.

Cat Ellis

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