Worth a look? The wearable Selk’bag for camping trips

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A wearable sleeping bag has advantages while camping (Image credit: Selk'bag)

There are those outdoors products that catch your attention because they look so clever and innovative – and then there are those that leave you thinking, "Why? I confess that the "wearable" sleeping bag fell into the latter category. But that was until I tried one!

Several outdoors equipment companies sell sleeping bags that you can wear (rather than simply sleep in) but the original wearable sleeping bag brand is Selk’bag. 

Selk’bags have arms, legs, a torso and a hood. There are booties that can be attached to the ends of the legs, too. The aim is for wearers to have freedom of movement while also staying warm.

They don't look particularly attractive (in my opinion) and they are akin to a puffy space suit. The unisex shape could be a bonus if you want to share a bag with another person, so long as you are a similar height.

Yet, in practical terms, they are a great idea for chilly summer evenings outdoors. Wearing a Selk’bag offers all the benefits of the warmth of an insulated sleeping bag, while still having the ability to move around, walk, sit and do all the campsite essentials. 

Then, when you feel sleepy, you simply lie down in your wearable bag. It's worth noting that the bags are for summer nights and you might end up a little cold if temperatures drop too low. My recommendation is that you have an extra camping blanket to throw over you if needed.

In addition, wearing a sleeping bag can feel a bit odd compared to being inside a traditional shaped bag or under a duvet when sleeping. But for campsite convenience, the wearable sleeping bag is actually a pretty good idea.

Selk'bag model

A brightly coloured Selk'bag (Image credit: Selk'bag)

New collection of Selk'bags

The latest news is that Selk'bags, which was founded in Chile in 2009, has launched a 2021 collection that is available in the UK and in a range of vibrant colours.

The insulation is hollow-fibre synthetic with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating to keep out moisture.

Features include, elasticated hand openings, large kangaroo pockets, removable booties with reinforced outsoles, an adjustable hood and a two-way double zip. There is a stuff sack to compression the bag when not in use.

There are different types of Selk’bag, including the Original 6G at £159.99; Selk’bag Lite 6G for £99.99; Selk’bag Nomad, made with 100% recycled fabric, for £249.99; and a limited edition Selk’bag Print Rainforest for £129.99.

The Selk’bag is available in sizes small to extra large and will fit wearers who are between 4’11” and 6’4” tall.

Sometimes it's worth trying an unusual product just to see if it might be useful. I can confirm that I never go camping, or spend time in the garden in the evening, without a wearable sleeping bag! My husband and I fight over the one we own.

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