New Yetis in the wild – limited edition color for the brand riding a wave of popularity

Yeti Camino bag in Big Wave Blue
Yeti's waterproof Camino bag is now available in the limited edition colour Big Wave Blue (Image credit: Yeti)

If you're one of those Yeti fans who has to have their Rambler cup, or Tundra cooler in the latest shade, then it's time to open your wallet.

After it was first spotted a couple of months ago in Dick's Sporting Goods by an eagle eyed Reddit user, the new hue Big Wave Blue has finally landed, and is available across 55 Yeti products.

Within hours of the new color going on sale, Yeti fans were posting their Big Wave Blue purchases on the YetiCoolers subreddit, with user TheTipJar_ saying "I'm so weak".

I’m so weak…. from r/YetiCoolers

The new color is inspired by what Yeti calls 'the giants of the South Pacific'. We're not sure whether the company means waves, or the people who ride them. Our best guess is that it's the latter, but either way, this is a fresh cobalt blue that's the kind of shade water babies will want to splash out on.

Yeti aren't revealing how long this colorway will be on sale for. Chances are, when it's gone, it's gone.

Yeti cool box in Big Wave Blue

Yeti was inspired what it calls 'the giants of the South Pacific' to create the Big Wave Blue colorway, seen here on one of its popular cool boxes (Image credit: Yeti)

Big Wave Blue is one of three new colors have been leaked several times already by over-eager retailers this year. Agave made its official appearance in February alongside a re-release of fan favorite King Crab Orange, and the other new shade expected to drop soon is Tropical Pink.

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