Yeti coolers in unreleased Agave Teal color spotted at Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods storefront
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A sharp-eyed shopper has spotted Yeti coolers, bags and other gear in a currently unreleased color, believed to be Agave Teal, in a branch of Dick's Sporting Goods. The shade is one of three new hues believed to be coming early this year.

Reddit user thebanditdad posted his findings on the YetiCoolers subreddit, with photos of a Yeti Rambler travel mug, a Yeti Hopper Flip soft-sided cooler, and a Yeti Hopper soft backpack cooler.

"Not a big selection, and none of the other colors, but the Agave is really sharp looking," thebanditdad wrote.

Agave spotted in the wild at DSG from r/YetiCoolers

This isn't the full range of Agave Teal products – a listing posted on The Exchange shows a Roadie 24 cooler in the shade, so there will also be some hard-sided options available when the color launches.

Reception on the subreddit has been mixed, with some posters admiring the new color and others complaining that Avage Teal is too close to Yeti's existing Navy and River Green colorways.

The future's bright...

Yeti has yet to make an official announcement, but judging by leaks on various retailers' websites, we can be quite certain that the three colors coming soon will be Tropical Pink, Agave Teal, and Big Wave Blue.

We've yet to see what Tropical Pink looks like, but images posted prematurely by Canadian retailer Primarché (now removed) have shown that Big Wave Blue is a bold cobalt shade. Hopefully we'll be able to see all three in an official launch soon.

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