Yeti gives its best bottles, coolers and bags a fresh new look for spring

Yeti Canopy Green cooler and drinkware
(Image credit: Yeti)

Yeti has released a set of camping coolers, drinkware and bags in two limited edition colors, which  will be available exclusively from Yeti for a limited time. The spring colors, High Desert Clay and Canopy Green, are on sale now from and Yeti stores.

The Desert Clay lineup (which Yeti says is inspired by the crags and canyons of the American southwest) includes the Yonder water bottles for hydration on the trails, plus Rambler insulated bottles for keeping your coffee hot on those chilly early spring mornings.

There are also soft-sided bags, including the mid-sized Camino 35 carryall tote, the Hopper Flip cooler, and the Crossroads 27L backpack, which works equally well for commuting, hiking, and flying.

The zesty Canopy Green range (shown above) includes the Loadout 5 camping bucket for carrying water, washing up, and laundry, plus a selection of hard-sided camping coolers in various sizes – from the compact Roadie 24 through to the Tundra Haul Wheeled Cooler, which can hold 84 cans comfortably.

Yeti is also offering free shipping on Canopy Green and Desert Clay orders over $20 – and if those colors don't take your fancy, you can get 20% off the Nordic Purple line, which launched last summer.

Cat Ellis

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