Bollé Torus Neo ski goggles review: convenient and lightweight but not the comfiest fit

The Bollé Torus Neo snow goggles’ quality build and easily swappable lenses are let down by an awkward fit

Bollé Torus Neo snow goggles
(Image: © Sian Lewis)

Advnture Verdict

The Bollé Torus Neo are really versatile goggles. The interchangeable lenses are ideal for skiing in a range of different weather conditions without having to lug lots of pairs around in your pack (or indeed, having to buy several pairs in the first place). The design and functionality of the goggles is excellent, but the fit let the product down on test.


  • +

    Great lenses cover all weather

  • +

    Easy to swap lenses on the go

  • +

    Decent range of vision

  • +

    Comfortable strap


  • -

    Goggles don’t sit fully flush with a helmet

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Bollé Torus Neo: first impressions 

Bollé Torus Neo ski goggles come with a handy feature that gives them a bit of an advantage if you like travelling light. Snowsports-specific goggles are designed to protect your eyes from glare, cold and blowing snow. The best ski goggles come with lenses designed for specific weather conditions, and if you don’t want the expense and hassle of owning multiple pairs, a goggle that lets you swap lenses on the fly is a clever choice.


• List price: $250–$300 (US) / £250 (UK)
• Frame colors: Titanium Matte / Royal Blue Matte / Full Black Matte / Carmine Red Matte / Lightest Gray
• Size: Lens width 173mm / 6.8in; Lens height 97mm / 3.8in; Frame width 182mm / 7.2in; Frame height 101mm / 4in
• Lens options:
Cat 1 / 2 / 3
Lens colors: Black Chrome / Light Vermillon Blue / Volt Black / Volt Ice Blue / Gray Cat
• Weight: 170g / 6oz
• Inclusions: Two lenses included, swappable with a magnetic frame
• Compatibility: Downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding; suitable for any weather conditions

Bollé’s Torus Neo aims to be your new quiver-of-one goggle thanks to its choice of two lenses, that you can easy swap between thanks to their magnet attachment system.

There are five versions of the Bollé Torus Neo ski goggles available, each with two lenses included – one Cat 2 or Cat 3 lens and one spare Light Vermillion Blue Cat 1 lens – aiming to cover you for most conditions. We tested the Titanium Matte iteration, which comes with a Ruby Cat 2 lens (with a 26% VLT rating, suitable for sunny to cloudy conditions) and a Light Vermillion Blue Cat 1 lens (with a 50% VLT, suitable for low light.) Learn more about how to choose ski goggles for optimal visibility and protection and how to stop ski goggles from fogging.

Bollé Torus Neo: on the slopes

Bollé Torus Neo snow goggles

The Bollé Torus Neo’s strap is easy to adjust and stays put both on a helmet and a beanie hat (Image credit: Sian Lewis)

Popping on the Torus Neo before hopping on the lifts, I was pleased with the design. The strap is easy to adjust and stays put both on a helmet and a beanie hat. I also found the lenses pleasingly easy to adjust on the go (unlike some swappable lenses, which can be a fiddly faff). A magnetic frame and small latches makes it the work of seconds to swap in a different lens in the Torus Neo, even if you’re standing on a mountainside wearing thick ski gloves

I also liked the solid but slim case that comes with the goggles, so you can keep your spare lens in your backpack without worrying that it’ll get bumped or scratched as you explore. And both lenses I tested – the ruby Cat 2 and the blue Cat 1 – offered fantastic clarity of vision and didn’t fog up, even on a blizzarding whiteout day. 

Bollé Torus Neo snow goggles

The ruby Cat 2 lens that comes with the Bollé Torus Neo snow goggles (Image credit: Sian Lewis)

So far, so perfect – but where the Torus Neo let itself down on test was in the fit. When worn under a ski helmet, gaps at the sides and top of the goggles let air and wind in, which isn’t ideal in snowy, blowy weather. Goggles should mold perfectly to your face, but I was aware of these gaps as I skied.

The foam did feel comfortable against my face – perhaps those with wider faces will find these goggles fit them well. I also thought the Torus Neo felt rather flimsier than other goggles I’ve tested at this price point, but it does feel lightweight against the face, so if you hate feeling weighed down by heavy goggles these could still be a good choice.

Sian Lewis

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