Campingaz Twister Plus PZ camping stove review

The Campingaz Twister Plus PZ camping stove is compact, with a built-in piezo lighter

Campingaz Twister Plus PZ
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Advnture Verdict

A simple-to-use and impressively versatile stove, which is an absolute steal for the extremely cheap price.


  • +

    Easy connection to canister

  • +

    Compact size

  • +

    Built-in piezo ignition

  • +

    Competitive price


  • -

    Less choice of Campingaz canisters

  • -

    Quite tall – requires flat surface and small pan to be really stable

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First thoughts

The Campingaz Twister Plus PZ, with its ‘Easy Clic’ connection to the gas bottle and in-built ignition system (the piezo or P), is a quick and simple stove to set up. And there’s no fumbling around for matches or cursing as the wind blows out a match before you’ve had a chance to light the burner.

A neat heatshield protects your fingers from the flame as you turn the knob that adjusts the supply of gas and heat. When not in use, the hard, plastic case provides more protection than many carry solutions for stoves. Just be aware that it will only work with canisters that have the Campingaz Easy Clic valve.


RRP: £20 (UK)
Weight: 274g/9.67oz
Fuel: Propane/butane
Dimensions (folded): 11cm x 11cm/4.3 x 4.3in
Power: 2,900W
Advertised boil time: 3min 45sec for 1-litre of water
Boil time on test: 2min 20sec for 500mls of water
Accessories: Hard plastic case

In the field

There is a neatness to the palm-sized Campingaz Twister stove, when it is packed away in its hard carry case, that makes it very easy to choose for a backpacking trip. There’s no need to wrap it in a sleeping bag for protection or worry about its pan arms tearing an item of kit. 

Shielded by its case I tuck it into any rucksack pocket that’s spare, and squeeze its Campingaz canister into the main compartment. Then, when it comes to the business end of boiling water, it takes just a matter of seconds to click the stove onto its gas bottle, fan out the pan arms, open the gas throttle and press the in-built piezo lighter. 

Fully constructed in cooking mode, this is quite a tall stove; clipped on top of a canister with a pan perched on top, I had a nagging worry of having built a cook system with the lean of Pisa’s famous tower. The Twister really needs level ground. Adding to the sense of potential instability is the fairly narrow 12cm diameter of the three pan arms, so smaller pans are better.

On the plus side, the power of the flame is easy to regulate, which makes cooking and simmering possible, as well as fast boiling. The piezo lighter means no faffing around with matches in a breeze. It is impressively fast at boiling the 0.5-litre test quantity of water. 

The only thing to note is the stove’s reliance on gas canisters that have the Campingaz Easy Clic valve – they are easy to use, but they could be difficult to source depending upon where you are trekking. In Europe, CV300 Plus and CV470 Plus canisters are readily available, and there’s a gas-finder tool on the Campingaz website, which will show you all of the retailers in your area.

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