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CimAlp Sun Cap review: a great, do-everything hat for hot-weather hikes and runs

Headgear that gives protection from UV rays, the CimAlp Sun Cap also combats mosquitoes and other biting beasts

CimAlp Sun cap
(Image: © CimAlp)

Our Verdict

A hat to use if you are planning on running somewhere where there is no shade cover, of if you’re heading overseas to hot, mozzie-prone countries.


  • Sun cover
  • Deters biting insects
  • Durable


  • Quite bulky
  • Quite heavy
  • Quite expensive

CimAlp Sun cap: First impressions

The CimAlp Sun cap is for those occasions when you’re out on the trail with no natural shade in the midday heat, and you really need to keep the beating sun off your head, face and neck (for accompanying eye protection see: Types of sunglasses for hiking and trail running).

The Sun Cap also has a EULAN treatment to see off mosquitoes and other biting monsters. The treatment – which is certified OEKO-TEX100, tested dermatologically, odourless and harmless to humans – is claimed to be 80% as efficient after 30 washings at 30°C. (See also: hiking injuries and ailments.)

Made with a lightweight, solid and reinforced ripstop fabric, the Sun has a stiff cap and roll-away fabric for protecting the back of the neck when required. There is a removable chin strap, which can be shortened with a toggle.

RRP: £32 (UK)
Style: Hiking cap
Gender specificity: Unisex
Sizes: S/M and L/XL
Average weight: 90g / 3oz
Materials: lightweight, solid, reinforced ripstop fabric Colors: Grey / Beige
Compatibility: Summer trail running and hiking 

On the trails

A useful hat to have for runs in exposed places in the middle of summer, and for adventure travel in hot countries. 

This hat does exactly what it says it will – keeping sunshine off your face thanks to the broad, stiff peak, and the fabric that rolls down over the neck in the style of a French Foreign Legion hat.

We have not been testing its insect repelling qualifications against real mosquitoes, but with all-too-real Scottish midges. Sadly, the midge is apparently resistant to most treatments and most of the fierce beast saw past the CimAlp EULAN. Shame that!

This hat is not super sporty, but it could be a partial solution if you are taking part in a desert style race, or running anywhere that you will face direct and long-term sunshine. (For alternatives see: Best running hats.)

The fabric is light but durable. It is breathable too, although you might find you still sweat in very high temperatures. Personally, I would simply remove the chin strap because it’s not needed when running.

Make sure you choose the right size to fit your head.

CimAlp sun cap

The Legionnaire-style rear offers great neck protection (Image credit: CimAlp)