Crossfly Ikon 6-inch Boxer running underwear review: they’ll stretch to any kind of activity

The comfortable, supportive and highly featured Crossfly Ikon 6-inch Boxer has a dynamic four-way stretch to allow plenty of freedom of movement

Crossfly Ikon 6-inch Boxer
(Image: © Crossfly)

Advnture Verdict

Stylish, comfortable, supportive and functional underwear, suitable for wearing during a wide range of outdoor activities.


  • +


  • +


  • +

    Made with environmentally friendly material

  • +

    Plastic free, 100 per cent recyclable packaging


  • -

    Relatively Pricey

  • -

    Material heavy when wet

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Crossfly Ikon 6-inch Boxer: first impressions

Very nicely designed, these active-wear Crossfly Ikon 6-inch Boxer shorts look and feel great when you first put them on – with a tailored fit that is supportive without being restrictive, and a fly mechanism that seems extremely practical.

They are manufactured mostly with modal, a material made using the cellulose from beech trees, which is generally regarded as a more environmentally friendly fabric than many alternatives – although exactly how eco-friendly products made with modal are does depend a lot on the process followed, which we don’t have full visibility of. 

Crossfly do make a big deal out of their green ethos, and state that they use sustainably harvested trees and minimize the use of chemicals, and we can say with complete confidence is that all the packaging is 100% recyclable. 

But in practical terms, how do they match up to their rivals in our best running underwear buying guide? Read on…


• RRP: $25 (US / £25 (UK)
• Gender specificity: Male
• Style: Boxer
• Materials: Modal (95%), elastane (5%)
• Colors: Navy / Navy & White / Black & Silver / Silver & Charcoal
• Sizes: 6in, available in S / M / L / XL / XXL

Crossfly Ikon 6-inch Boxer: on the trails

Crossfly Ikon 6-inch Boxer

(Image credit: Crossfly)

Modal as a material for underwear (or, indeed, anything else) is a new one on me, but these boxers certainly proved comfortable to wear while I was running or engaged in other outdoor sports. They score highly in the next-to-skin comfort rankings, and perform well when worn beneath trail running shorts that don’t come with an integrated inner, or indeed cycling shorts or hiking trousers. 

The material boasts four-way stretch, so you can be as active and dynamic as you want without these undies cramping your style. The design, which features an X–shaped fly with a thumb tab at the top, facilitates easy and quick access if you need to stop for a quick call of nature. 

The “coccoon” internal pocket system provides support where it’s needed and cuts down on the chance of chafing, and the wide waistband keeps the whole garment securely in place without feeling too tight. Other features include a ‘“no show” dual layer at the front, to prevent any drips becoming embarrassingly visible. 

On the downside, if you do get caught in a heavy shower, they will take on lots of water and become heavy, and take a long while to dry.

Pat Kinsella

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