Hygge Original Headband review: tubular headwear that can be worn in multiple ways

The Hygge Original Headband is a simple, multifunctional, easy-to-wear headband for all kinds of outdoor adventures

Hygge Original Headband
(Image: © Hygge)

Advnture Verdict

So simple, but so useful – no matter what conditions you’re running in. It is very easy to love the Hygge Original Headband.


  • +

    Simple and easy to wear

  • +


  • +

    Lots of colors and patterns


  • -

    Low thermal properties

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Hygge Original Headband: first impressions

In a nutshell, Hygge Original Headbands are colorful, bright and easy to wear (and a shoo-in for our list of the Best running hats).

Pronounced ‘Hoo Gah’, the Scotland-based brand Hygge makes tubular headwear (you might know this style of headwear as a ‘buff’ or ‘bandana’) in a wide range of colors and designs. 

There are sizes to fit men, women, kids and for those with larger heads or with lots of hair. The original design can be worn as a headband, hairband, face mask, scarf and more, but for the purposes of this review we are using it as headwear for running and hiking. 

The tube is seamless and made of a lightweight polyester microfiber. It allows sweat to evaporate through the fabric and also provides protection from cold weather, wind, dust and the sun. The headband is machine washable and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 


RRP: $26.13 (US) / £18.89 (UK)
Style: Tubular headband
Gender specificity: Male and female versions available
Sizes: Original / Extra Stretch / Half Size
Average weight: 30g / 1oz
Materials: Polyester microfiber
Colors: Multiple patterns and colors
Compatibility: Year-round running 

On the trails 

‘Hygge’ means to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Fittingly, the eponymous headwear is simple and allows you to enjoy a wide range of activities (see also: Why you should pack a hat).

It’s ideal for running and walking outdoors because it keeps the hair from your face. If you sweat, especially on your brow, the fabric helps to soak up the wet. The damp of any sweat also evaporates through the fabric. 

To wear the buff-style headwear, you fold it in half or into thirds and then place it over your head and ears. 

I wear this type of headgear on every single run and walk I go on, because my hair gets into my face and eyes if I do not. It keeps the cold off my forehead and ears and in the summer it stops the sun burning my forehead.

The color options and design styles of the Hygge range are impressive, and I also have a winter headband, which is double thickness and reversible. There are men’s styles and half-sizes for kids. (See also: Best hiking hats.)

In my (now considerable) experience, Hygge headbands keep their shape even after many uses and washes. The brand sells charity designs and donates some of their sales to these causes.

Woman wearing Hygge Original Headband

The Hygge Original Headband (Image credit: Fiona Russell)
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