Proviz Reflect360 Running Headband review: lightweight and soft microfleece headband

The Proviz Reflect360 Running Headband is a simple band that's as comfy as they come and great value for money

Proviz Reflect 360 running headband
(Image: © Proviz)

Advnture Verdict

A simple, lightweight and comfortable microfleece headband for cooler days.


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    Good price


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    One size fits all

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First impressions 

The Proviz Reflect360 running headband is made with a microfleece inner lining, which makes it soft and comfortable. The design is shaped to cover the ears, which means that it can be worn in early spring and well into autumn, when the temperatures fall and extremities like ears can get cold, as well as in mid summer, when you need a sweatband. This versatility is what earns it a place on our list of the best running hats

The headband utilises the Proviz signature REFLECT360, which is highly reflective and shines super brightly when a beam – such as vehicle lights – hits it at night, again making it an invaluable safety belt when the evenings and mornings are darker, even if you're running with a headlamp

The REFLECT360 is used in the logos at the back and front. The fabric is ‘sweat wicking’, however, so it is useful in the warmer months, when things get hot and sticky. There is only one size, but it is highly stretchy to fit all head sizes.

Woman wearing the Proviz Reflect360 running headband

(Image credit: Fiona Russell)

On the trails

Simple, plain looking but highly practical, the Proviz headband is easy to wear and fits very comfortably. It is narrower at the forehead and deeper at the rear of the head, and fits neatly over the ears. Most importantly from a practical point of view, it stays in place while I’m running and fits snugly over my trail running sunglasses.

I have a medium sized head, so it is ideal for me. I think it would be fine for smaller and larger heads but if you have a much smaller than average head it might slip down while running and if you have a lot of wild hair it might not keep that in place. I did find some strands of my long hair escaped the headband because it is not that tight on the head.

The fabric is lightweight and lightly fleece lined, which is fine for cooler days. It is not heavy or thick enough to keep the wind out in winter cold temperatures. In fact, the wind whips through the fabric.

Proviz say the fabric is sweat wicking. In reality, I think what happens is that the sweat is able to soak into the fabric and evaporate easily because it is a breathable material.

The reflective logos are excellent, and as the name suggests this is the most important and the best part of the headband. If you are running at night near traffic, the light beams of a vehicle will easily pick you out. It would be good to see more of this reflective detail around the headband, however, and not just at the front and the back.

Fiona Russell
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