Rohan Nordic Cap review: a snug hat to protect your face and neck

The no-nonsense Rohan Nordic Cap can be adjusted to protect your face and neck, and is water-repellent

Rohan Nordic Cap
(Image: © Rohan)

Advnture Verdict

It doesn’t look particularly stylish, but the Rohan Nordic Cap excels when it comes to performance and practicality, effectively protecting your face and neck from the elements when you most need it to.


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    Ear protection

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  • -

    Not the trendiest look

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    Too hot for some conditions

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First impressions

It may look a bit like something your grandad would wear, but there are a lot of good things to say about the Rohan Nordic cap, which unashamedly puts practicality over fashion trends. The large flaps framing the hat fold down to become wide earflaps and a neck guard, which are very useful for protecting more of your face and keeping rain, snow or sun off your neck when you’re on the go. When you don’t need them, fold them up and snap them back into place.

The hat’s outer material is a tough canvas that repels water and the inner material is a soft Sherpa fleece that is comfortable and feels great against the skin. The whole cap weighs just 100g, which is light enough that you’ll barely feel it despite all the protection from the elements it offers.


RRP: £35 (UK)
Gender: Men
Sizes: S–XL
Materials: Polyester canvas
Colors: Black

In the field

The Rohan Nordic cap is described as being water-repellent, rather than waterproof, and while testing it out during a very wet winter, we found it did a good job of keeping rain at bay, although water can get trapped in the flaps if they are up rather than around your face.

An insulated layer makes this hat warm even in cold weather, but we found it a tad too warm to work on spring or autumn days. Save it for frosty walks and hill hikes in the depths of winter, and swap to a lighter beanie in better weather.

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