Silva Strive Light Black 10 running pack review: it’ll be all right for the night

The Silva Strive Light Black 10 is a lightweight, comfy, headlamp-compatible pack with reflective details that’s great for running in the dark

Woman wearing Silva Strive Light Black 10 running pack
(Image: © Claire Maxted)

Advnture Verdict

There are some really good features on the Silva Strive Light Black 10 for night running and it’s low in price compared to a lot of other packs, but the small bottles and front pockets let it down.


  • +


  • +

    Ventilated 3D mesh back

  • +

    Dual entrance back pocket

  • +

    Integrated whistle

  • +

    Stretchy chest strap adjustment buckles

  • +

    Compression strap and bungee for carrying less

  • +

    Reflective strips for night running

  • +

    Pocket for head torch battery plus velcro on shoulder straps to secure cable


  • -

    Unisex means men’s fit

  • -

    Could have bigger pockets up front

  • -

    The soft bottles included are tiny (2x240g) but pockets fit 500ml (just about)

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Silva Strive Light Black 10: first impressions

High-quality headlamp brand Silva’s updated Strive Light Black 10L running backpack has an interesting design incorporating a few lighting-compatible features, making it a great choice for night running with a head lamp.


• List price: £92 (UK) / $115 (USA)
• Weight including 2 x 240ml bottles: 313g / 11oz
• Colors: Black
• Capacity: 10L
• Fit: Unisex
• Sizes: XS / S, M, L / XL
• Compatibility: Short and long runs carrying spare clothing, kit and poles

Let’s go through those aspects first of all. Firstly there’s a small pocket at the back of the neck area for a super-bright headlamp battery pack, plus Velcro attachments down the top of the shoulder strap to secure the cable.

Then there are bands of elastic across the top of the shoulder strap on which you can clip a Silva light to use without the headstrap. There’s also a clip for the little red Silva safety light on the back of the pack, and finally the pack has reflective logos, details and strips for increased visibility.

You can also carry trekking poles diagonally and on the left side of the back of the pack, and there’s a dual entrance mesh back pocket to shove your running jacket into when things warm up.

The two supplied 240ml soft bottles are not really enough for running through the night. The pockets fit 500ml bottles at a squeeze, so future updates of the pack would benefit from including those, in my opinion. There could also be bigger pockets up front, and the weatherproof fabric one on the right would benefit from a water-resistant zip.

Silva Strive Light Black 10: on the trails

Woman wearing Silva Strive Light Black 10 running pack

There’s a pocket at the back of the neck area which is really handy for head torch batteries (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

I really enjoyed using this pack for night running and fully appreciate the benefits of all the unique lighting features. In particular I like the pocket at the back of the neck area for the larger battery packs you get with ultra bright head torches, and the handy Velcro cable routers on the shoulder strap. 

This is not a feature every pack has and certainly makes for very easy, efficient and tidy night running with those high-powered headlamps. The back pocket for the jacket is also super handy, and the pack is comfy and well-sized. 

Woman wearing Silva Strive Light Black 10 running pack

This needs to be bigger for more substantial snacks! (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

However, I really feel that the small-sized bottles and front pockets let this pack down – if you’re carrying a 10L backpack you’re most probably out for a while or possibly doing a race, so 1L is the minimum water you’d want to be able to carry.

The front pockets do fit 500ml bottles, so it seems odd to supply two bottles that only hold 240ml.

Silva Strive Light Black 10 running pack

The ventilated 3D mesh back pocket (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

Silva is also missing a trick with the tiny stretch mesh pocket on the side of the bottle pocket – this could easily be a great deal larger to carry more snacks up front.

Finally the water-resistant fabric pocket on the right where the company suggests you carry your phone really could do with a water-resistant zip, though if the rain really starts to fall you’d still need to put that phone in a small waterproof bag to guarantee its safety.

Silva Strive Light Black 10 running pack

A dual entrance mesh back pocket is a handy place for shoving your running jacket (Image credit: Claire Maxted)
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