Altra reveals new, tougher Outroad 2 road-to-trail running shoe

Person running on rocky trail wearing pink and orange Altra shoes
(Image credit: Altra)

Altra, maker of some of the best trail running shoes, has launched a new road-to-trail shoe with a tougher upper for resilience on rough terrain, plus more plush cushioning at the heel. The Altra Outroad 2 (available now direct from Altra) is made to tackle a wide range of surfaces, taking you from your door to the trail and back again. 

The new shoe has the company's signature shape, witch an extra-wide toebox that allows your feet to sit and spread naturally with each step. The design also gives stability on climbs, and descents, and helps improve balance when things get a bit more technical.

Like the original Outroad, the Outroad 2 features grippy multi-directional lugs to provide plenty of purchase on loose surfaces, and follow the natural shape of your foot. This is topped with 27mm of soft yet responsive midsole foam.

Altra has also toughened up the Outroad's upper, making it more resistant to abrasion from rocks and roots.

The Altra Outroad 2 comes in men's and women's sizes, and is available today (June 14) with a list price of $140 / £130

Cat Ellis

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