Take a look at Amazfit’s new blood pressure tool for Balance smartwatches in action

Amazfit Balance special edition
Amazfit is testing a new blood pressure measurement tool on its Balance smartwatch (Image credit: Amazfit)

It appears that Amazfit is quietly rolling out and testing a new blood pressure monitor for its Balance smartwatch, with Notebookcheck picking up on a YouTube video posted by one Balance user showing the new app in action.

According to Reddit users, Amazfit is currently testing this new fitness tracking feature with users in China, Malaysia and Brazil.

The feature is found in a new app on the watch. When you want to take a new blood pressure reading, a message appears asking you to ensure the wristband on your Balance watch is tight, along with a disclaimer reminds you that this is not a medically certified device.

In fact, while blood pressure monitors are becoming increasingly popular on mobile health trackers, medical professionals warn that smartwatches and smartphone apps may provide useful estimates or trends, they are not as precise as dedicated blood pressure monitors that use an inflatable cuff.

However, some reports suggest that this new Amazfit app (like the Health Monitor app for Samsung Galaxy watches)  may need to be recalibrated using a traditional a blood pressure cuff on a regular basis. This will improve the veracity of its readings, but again, it won’t be a substitute for doing things the old fashioned way.

The app takes 30 seconds to take its reading, with messages prompting you to place your arm flat on the table and keep still throughout the process, just as if you were using a cuff. You’re then given your systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements and your current heart rate. 

It is unclear when the company will officially roll out the blood pressure checking tool to all Amazfit Balance smartwatches.