Angry Colorado elk gives senior tourist a rude lesson in wildlife safety

Elk herd at Estes Park, Colorado, USA
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A man visiting Estes Park, Colorado, learned the hard way why it's important to give elk a wide berth during rutting season. The man was one of three visitors who wandered too close to a large bull elk as it crossed a stream. As they turned to leave the animals followed, giving a bluff charge to force them away and nearly knocking the senior off his feet.

The incident was caught on camera and shared on YouTube channel Colorado Wildlife and Adventure Videos as a warning to others visiting Estes Park this fall. The clip, which you can watch below, also shows a bull charging a man and his dog elsewhere in the park. Thankfully the man has his pet on a short leash, and keeps it under control while he retreats.

Everyone here got away with a warning, but not everyone is so lucky. In October 2020, a man suffered a puncture wound that sliced his kidney in half when he was gored by an elk on a Colorado golf course.

Estes Park is a beautiful town famed for its elk population, and serves as a base for many people visiting nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. The town even holds an annual Elk Fest event, which celebrates the magnificent animals with two days of live music, performances, bugling contests, and a 5k race.

However, while it welcomes people to see the animals in their full splendor, the town also warns visitors to take care for their own safety, and that of the elk.

"The most important is to give them their space," says Estes Park Visitor Center. "Keep at least 75 feet between you and the elk, about the length of two school buses. If the elk notice you, you’re too close!"

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