No stove? No problem – this Swiss company has created camping coffee paste you can squeeze right into your mouth

Two cups of coffee and two tubes of No Normal coffee paste on forest floor
(Image credit: No Normal)

There's nothing quite like a steaming cup of coffee to start your day at camp, but what if you're fastpacking and a camping stove is just a few grams too heavy? That's where Swiss company No Normal comes in, with a tube of coffee paste that you can mix with water, spread on a cookie, or even squeeze directly into your mouth for a caffeine hit with the taste of 100% dark roasted Arabica beans.

Instant coffee granules are cheap and extremely light, but it would take a certain dedication to settle down and eat them with a spoon. No Normal's paste is designed to be palatable even if there's no water available, offering a "strong and rich roasted profile with delicious notes of chocolate, nuts, and a little caramel."

If you're fortunate enough to have access to a stove (our roundup of the best camping stoves includes lots of lightweight options), you can dissolve a teaspoonful in water for a more conventional cup of Joe.

One 100g tube of the lightly sweetened paste should make 20 cups and a tube costs $18, so it's certainly not the cheapest way to enjoy a brew at camp, and CC Weiss of New Atlas found the price doubles with postage to the US. The cost of delivery from Switzerland isn't quite so high here in the UK, so I've ordered a tube in the name of research, and will report back once it arrives.

It's worth bearing in mind that you're not just paying for the coffee itself. No Normal's founders Alexander Häberlin and Philippe Greinacher explain that they work with local Swiss partners for everything from sourcing ingredients, through to packaging and logistics. The beans are from a Fairtrade cultivation in South America, and the paste is sweetened using organic Swiss beet sugar.

If you prefer a more conventional drink in the great outdoors, our guide to the best camping coffee makers is a good place to start.

Cat Ellis

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