Casio launches tough new Baby-G watch that transforms Tamagotchi-style

Casio Baby-G watch
(Image credit: Casio)

The 90s are officially in style, and to prove the point, Casio has unveiled a new tough Baby-G watch that allow you to pop out the central unit and fit it into a Tamagotchi-style key fob. While the Baby-G + Plus BGD-10K doesn't actually include a virtual pet for you to take care of, it does have a tiny pixel art animation on the screen that changes twice every minute to give a similar feeling.

The watch comes in three fun colorways: the blue/purple BGD-10K-2, the hot pink/white BGD-10K-4, the lilac/pink BGD-10K-6, and the lemon yellow/white BGD-10K-7 (shown above).

As Casio fan site G-Central explains, each of the four watches measures 42.8 x 39 x 14.7 millimeters and weighs 33g. The watch case and band are made from resin, while the keyring case is silicone and can be decorated with a set of stickers provided in the box. The watch body is easy to pop out, and doesn't require any special tools.

Casio Baby-G watches

(Image credit: Casio)

Despite their fun looks, the four new Baby-G watches also have some impressive specifications, including a shock-resistant build and water resistance to depths of 100m. 

Features include world time for 30 cities, countdown timer, stopwatch, five daily alarms, hourly time signal, full auto calendar, and a white LED backlight. Each watch has a battery life of approximately three years.

All four will be available direct from Casio later this month for $79, and you can sign up for notifications when they go on sale.

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