Casio puts a fresh twist on a classic G-Shock design with detachable bezels

Three G-Shock G-B001 watches on abstract purple background
(Image credit: Casio / Getty)

Casio has unveiled a new G-Shock watch that puts a fresh spin on a classic 90s design with an ion-plated metal bezel that can be worn alone, or with a resin cover for a different look. As Casio fan site G-Central explains, the new G-Shock GA-B001 is a new twist on the DW-001 'Jason' design that debuted in 1994.

All three models in the GA-B001 series feature distinctive cutouts at the bottom of the bezel, which reminded wearers in the 90s of the hockey mask worn by serial killer Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th movies and lent the watch its nickname.

Japanese site Fashion Press explains that the resin cover is inspired by capsule toys – mini collectibles in plastic shells that are dispensed from vending machines. The promotional video below demonstrates how the interchangeable bezel system works.

There will be three models in the initial GA-B001 lineup. The most striking of these, the G-B001MVE-9, has a rainbow-plated bezel, plus a detachable plastic cover in shades of orange and green. It's supplied with two bands that you can also switch between for a different look: one yellow, and one translucent blue.

The other two models, the G-B001MVA-1 and G-B001MVB-8, have more subdued colorways featuring shades of black, gray, silver, and gold.

These aren't GPS sports watches (if that's what you want, you'll need to check out a watch like the G-Squad Pro), but they do have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to link it to the G-Shock Connected mobile app for tasks like switching between time zones and automatically correcting the time with a single tap.

The watches will go on sale in Japan on January 27. The G-B001MVE will be priced at ¥44,000 the gray and gold G-B001MVB at ¥33,000 and the black and silver G-B001MVA at ¥34,100. Official international prices and release dates have yet to be announced.

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