Decathlon's new VR app lets you step into a virtual tent before buying the real thing

Down jacket displayed through Decathlon VR app
(Image credit: Decathlon)

When you're trying to pick something as important as a tent, sometimes looking at pictures on a screen isn't enough – to decide whether it's the right one, you might really want to try it in person, get inside, and picture yourself spending the night there. Heading to a physical store isn't always feasible, which is where VR comes in.

Decathlon, maker of some excellent budget-friendly hiking and camping gear, has just announced a new app for the Apple Vision Pro headset, which will let you check out tents, jackets, base layers, e-bikes and much more in close detail before making up your mind.

Not only will you be able to get a 360-degree view of products (useful for seeing the construction from all angles and counting pockets), you can also see how they will look in your home, which should be especially handy for indoor exercise equipment. No more worries about whether that treadmill will actually fit in your spare bedroom.

The app will include a selection of the company's outdoor and cycling products to begin with, and more will be added in future.

The Apple Vision Pro is currently available to pre-order, and will go on general sale tomorrow (February 2) in the US.

Cat Ellis

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