$20,000 treasure hunt underway for hikers in Utah

Woman hiking in Utah
(Image credit: Getty)

Two people from Salt Lake City have hidden a $20,000 prize somewhere in Utah for lucky hikers to find. 

As reported by KUTV, John Maxim and David Cline hid the prize money in a remote location on Thursday 2 June to encourage more people to get outdoors and explore the state. Utah is home to some of the best National Parks for hiking, including the magnificent Arches and stunning Zion National Parks, but the treasure may be elsewhere.

The pair say they have picked a location with safety in mind, and "no rock climbing, mountain goating, crazy bush wacking or digging is necessary." They encourage treasure hunters to treat the mountains and trails with respect, be aware of wildlife, and take plenty of water and sunscreen.

"We just wanted to have a fun idea of how can we get people outside safely," the pair said. "We have a passion for the outdoors, we're both kids at heart so let's do a treasure hunt."

Maxim and Cline are releasing hints via their Instagram accounts (onthejohn and the.cline.fam), and have just published their first clue, though they hope the hunt will last at least a month. Good luck!

Cat Ellis

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