Garmin reveals cute new Christmas faces for your watch – including a buildable snowman

Garmin Christmas watch faces
(Image credit: Getty Images, Garmin)

Garmin has just added four new Christmas watch faces, which you can download and install through the Garmin Connect IQ app on your phone. There are four options, including two that change as you work towards achieving your daily goals, and one that shifts color throughout the day.

Perhaps the cutest of the four, Would You Like to Build a Snowman, features a festive scene that develops as you build towards a target that can be customized in the app. The default is daily steps, but you could also opt for floors climbed, elevation gain, elevation loss, or intensity minutes. The closer you are to your goal, the more complete the snowman will be.

Garmin snowman watch face progress

(Image credit: Garmin)

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree works in a similar way, with a tree on your Garmin watch that gains tinsel and baubles as you work towards your daily or seven-day target.

Ski All Day is a beautifully illustrated watch face with a wintry alpine scene that changes from pink at sunrise to green during the day, then fades to dark blue in the evening.

Finally, there's Golf in the Snow, which is just plain cute, featuring an illustration of Santa and a pair of elves playing a quick game before his round-the-world journey on December 25th.

These are all official Garmin faces, so they're beautifully made and free to use. To download any of them, just install Garmin Connect IQ and make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone, then search for the one you'd like to try and tap 'Install'. Once it's transferred to your watch, you can edit the custom fields within Garmin Connect IQ to suit your winter training goals. 

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