Garmin launches new Edge 1050 bike computer with on-device messaging and route planning

Cyclists riding together on mountain road and Garmin Edge 1050 cycle computer
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin has unveiled a new premium bike computer with the ability to create routes on the device itself, Garmin Pay for contactless purchases, and a bundle of new features specifically for group rides. The Garmin Edge 1050 is available to order today direct from Garmin for $699.99/£649.99, with delivery expected in 1-3 business days in the US, or 5-8 weeks in the UK.

Communication can be a challenge on group rides, but the Edge 1050 has a suite of tools to help you stay in touch on the road. New additions to GroupRide include in-ride messaging, and on-screen warnings of road hazards from members of the group (more effective than pointing at potholes and fallen branches as you ride past). Live incident detection will warn you if someone has taken a fall, and you can now have fun with leaderboards for climbs and post-ride awards.

For that mid-ride coffee stop, the Edge 1050 also includes Garmin Pay, so you can buy your cortado without rummaging for a sweaty credit card in your jersey. Just rotate the Edge 1050 by a quarter turn to remove it from its mount, and tap it on the card reader.

Garmin Edge 1050 cycle computer

The Garmin Edge 1050 lets you plot routes on the device itself, and still includes well-loved features like Climb Pro (Image credit: Garmin)

A built-in speaker gives you voice directions without the need to connect headphones, and lets the Edge 1050 serve as a bell to warn pedestrians as you approach.

Perhaps most excitingly, the Edge 1050 also lets you create routes on the device's touchscreen, rather than plotting them using Garmin Connect or a third-party application, letting you get out and start riding sooner.

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