Hikers made a grisly discovery at this famous beach, and the police are involved

Dunraven beach in South Wales, where human remains were discovered
Dunraven beach in South Wales, near where human remains were discovered by walkers when a medieval wall collapsed (Image credit: Getty Images)

Police are investigating after suspected human remains were discovered by hikers at a famous beach in South Wales. The area around the site has been cordoned off by officers following the grisly find. 

The bones were spotted by walkers exploring the coastal path after a boundary wall collapsed on the site of Dunraven Castle, which itself was knocked down in the 60s.

In a statement about the find South Wales Police said: "Police were called at around 7pm on Tuesday April 9 after bones were discovered near Dunraven Bay in Southerndown. The bones will be extracted and sent for analysis. The area is currently cordoned off for examination and will likely remain for a few days."

Dunraven was the site of a 12th century castle, which was built over repeatedly, with fortifications and a manor house also on the site.

It was used as a military hospital during the Second World War before being demolished in 1963. Parts of the castle's grounds buildings still remain, and this is where the bones were discovered.

Remains of Dunraven Castle - South Wales, United Kingdom

Part of the boundary wall of Dunraven Castle still remains, and this is what collapsed, leading to the discover (Image credit: Getty Images)

There have been several similar finds in the local area. More than 10 years ago six skeletons were found nearby. They are thought to have died in a shipwreck at least 500 years ago.

And in 2014 a beach walker made the bizarre discovery of two human leg bones sticking out of a cliff face. Archaeologists eventually established that they were the remains of an 800 year-old monk and were uncovered when the remains of his grave eroded into the sea.

Dunraven beach is well-known to TV viewers as the setting for Bad Wolf Bay in Doctor Who during the emotional scene where the Doctor, then played by David Tennant and Rose (Billie Piper) finally say a tearful goodbye. It has also appeared in the BBC series Poldark, starring Aidan Turner.

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