Could the slosh-reducing Hydroshirt revolutionize hydration for runners?

The Hydroshirt
(Image credit: Vessel Athletics)

Blurring the lines between a running shirt and a hydration pack, the Hydroshirt – which has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to seek funding – is an innovative new product designed by specifically by experienced runners to reduce the bulk and slosh of carry water supplied while you’re running.

The Hydroshirt is the first piece of functional performance wear from Vessel Athletics, founded by runners Jasmine Sanchez and Jalen Brown, which aims to provide a fresh take on hydration gear.

The Hydroshirt is a lightweight shirt that integrates a 1L (32oz) removable water bladder, designed to let runners carry water seamlessly while eliminating the inconvenience of weight and slosh. The lumbar-shaped hydration reservoir has a center baffle for even water distribution.

Other features include:

  • A bite-valve straw for easy sipping
  • Sleeve pockets to stash gels, keys, earphones and small personal items
  • Hidden magnet that secures the straw
  • An adjustable fastening system to stabilize the bladder and prevent sloshing
  • Adjustable straps to fully secure the water bladder from moving
  • A removable insulated sleeve for the 1L bladder to help keep water cool
  • Lightweight wicking fabric with perforations for increased breathability
  • Reflective strips throughout the shirt for added visibility and safety

But, to be honest, the best way to get an ides of how different the Hydroshirt is to a traditional hydration pack is to watch it in action…

Sanchez, an avid runner and the visionary behind Vessel Athletics says, “The Hydroshirt was born out of my own challenges to find an easy solution to carry water on my runs. Traditional hydration solutions just didn’t cut it. Backpacks and belts were bulky and flimsy, and holding a bottle was flat-out inconvenient. That’s when the idea struck: why not integrate a hydration system directly into a shirt we’re already wearing?

“After surveying and interviewing over 75 runners, it was evident that I was not the only one dealing with this issue. That’s when Jalen and I set out to design a better hydration solution.”

The Hydroshirt has been five years in development and now Vessel Athletics is inviting people to invest in their Kickstarter campaign, currently live until June 6, 2024. Early bird pricing tiers start at $89 before eventually retailing for  a list price of $150. The Hydroshirt will be available for shipping to the US and most international countries. Investors can expect to receive their Hydroshirt as early as the end of June.