"I didn't think I'd have to deal with this today" – video shows dramatic rescue of baby moose trapped in Alaskan lake

Moose standing in stream, Utah
The exhausted moose had been trapped between a floatplane and the dock (Image credit: Getty Images)

Moose sightings are nothing new in Alaska, and these big mammals are usually given lots of space, but one resident found himself having to roll his sleeves up and get his hands on one this week when he discovered a baby moose trapped in a lake.

In a video captured by Spencer Warren and posted to YouTube, which you can watch below, you can see the wild-eyed calf stuck between a floatplane and the dock on Beluga Lake in a wetlands area and wildlife habitat near Homer.

"I didn't think I'd have to deal with this today but I show up to work and there's a baby moose that fell in the lake," narrates Warren.

He reveals that he's been trying to save the moose, but something keeps getting in his way.

"It's still alive, it's trying to get out, but momma moose won't leave me alone to save the baby."

Cow moose are famously protective of their young and can be aggressive towards anyone they see as a threat – just a few weeks ago, we reported on another Alaska man who was killed by a moose after trying to photograph her calves. In this video, we can see the mother standing nearby with another calf.

Cut to the next clip and it's clear Warren has called in some reinforcements as we see him and a policeman run over, crouch down next to the plane and together they're able to haul the young moose out of the water in just a few seconds.

After spending so long struggling in the water, the moose has some difficulty finding its legs again but soon we see it back on dry land being tended to by its mother.

In this case, Warren did the right thing by calling for help, as the police were able to restrain the mother moose by parking their truck between her and her calf in order to keep everyone safe. Remember that if you encounter a moose in the wild, it's important to give them a wide berth and admire them through your binoculars. If they are in distress, contact wildlife officials for help.

Julia Clarke

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