Man killed by moose while trying to photograph its calves "was not a hapless fool"

Moose standing in shallow river
The Alaska resident was killed on his own property in Homer (Image credit: Getty)

An Alaska man has been killed by a moose after trying to photograph its calves. A dispatch by the Alaska Department of Public Safety reports that the incident occurred on Sunday morning in Homer on the Kenai Peninsula when a cow moose charged two men, kicking one of them.

According to reporting by Alaska Public Radio, 70-year-old Dale Chorman was looking at newborn moose calves on his property with a friend when the cow charged at them. Chorman was kicked by the moose and by the time medics arrived on the scene, he was pronounced dead.

The cow and her two calves are believed to have left area. The BBC reports that Chorman's son, Nathan Spence-Chorman, does not want the animal to be put down as he understands that it was merely protecting its young and reportedly said on social media that his father understood the risks of getting so close to moose during calving season.

"This was not a hapless fool stumbling into danger  – this was a person who went out looking for a great photo, knowing the risks, and got caught in a dangerous moment."

Moose attacks on humans are rare, but cows can become aggressive when protecting their young, and we reported on several moose attacks in Colorado last fall during rutting season.

If you do encounter a moose in the wild, you should remain calm and immediately secure pets and children. Back away slowly and if it charges, try to place an obstacle such as a tree between yourself and the moose. Learn more in our article on moose safety.

Julia Clarke

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