Helinox releases limited edition Tactical Collection tents for ultralight camping

Helinox tactical tents
(Image credit: Helinox)

Helinox, best known for its super lightweight camping chairs, has launched a pair of versatile new tents in the US. The limited edition collection Field Tunnel Tent and Cot Tent are part of the Helinox Tactical Collection, which also includes a selection of ultralight camping furniture.

The Tactical Field Tunnel Tent (right) is a floorless free-standing shelter that stands over 7ft tall when erected, with 140 square feet of space inside, giving you plenty of room for cooking, dining, or storing equipment you want to keep dry during your camping trip.

It measures 13in x 31.5in x 13in when packed, and has a packed weight of 29lb 12oz. It's priced at $2,950.

The Tactical Cot Tent (left) is a compact shelter for solo camping, and is available in mesh or fabric versions, with an optional extra fly sheet. The fabric version measures just 22.5in x 8in when packed, and has a packed weight of only 3lb 8oz, but provides a fully enclosed sleeping space that keeps you comfortably off the ground. 

The mesh and fabric Tactical Cot Tents cost $279.95, while the waterproof Tactical Cot Tent Solo Fly is $174.95.

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