Three new Yeti cooler colors leak ahead of official release

Person opening Yeti hard cooler
(Image credit: Yeti)

It looks like Yeti will soon be announcing its first product drop of 2024, featuring three new colors: Tropical Pink, Agave Teal, and Big Wave Blue.

The new colors were spotted by Reddit user macmac0423, who posted their findings on the YetiCoolers subreddit. With the names in hand, other users soon found retailers that had posted images of the new hues prematurely.

Agave Teal appears to be a dark petrol blue shade, while Big Wave Blue is a striking shade of cobalt. We've yet to see Tropical Pink, but it seems likely that a store will jump the gun and post an image soon.

New Colours Are Agave Teal, Big Wave Blue and Tropical Pink. from r/YetiCoolers

We can't yet say for certain exactly which products will be available in which colors, but after some searching, I found the Yeti Roadie 24 cooler listed on The Exchange in Agave Teal complete with images.

Yeti cooler in Agave Teal

Agave Teal is a dark petrol blue color (Image credit: The Exchange/Yeti)

Canadian retailer Foursight Supplies has listings for the Yeti Boomer 4 dog bowl in Agave Teal and Big Wave Blue, and I've also found retailers listing the Yeti Rambler 12oz Junior Bottle in both colors. Primarché has the Yeti Hopper Flip 180 cooler listed in Big Wave Blue and a Yeti Rambler tumbler in Tropical Pink, but no pictures yet.

Hopefully all three vibrant new shades will launch soon. The retailer listings are a positive sign, but there's no date yet. It's also worth noting that most of the retailers above are based in Canada, so it's possible that not all territories will receive the same selection of shades.

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