Is is a coat? Is it a tent? This new Nike poncho is both

Nike convertible ISPA Metamorph Poncho 1
(Image credit: Nike)

Normally when you think of Nike and camping together, it’s visions of sneakerheads camping outside shoe stores waiting for the latest drop. But now the brand has come up with a whole new camping concept – an oversized poncho that transforms into a one-person tent.

Nike convertible ISPA Metamorph Poncho

(Image credit: Nike)

The converta-jacket has been released as part of Nike’s ISPA Summer 2024 collection, which also included padded hoodies and trekking pants. But the real eye-catcher was the Metamorph Poncho.

After all who needs a hiking backpack when you can wear your tent to the campsite?

The Nike ISPA poncho is made from water-repellent lightweight nylon layers and features functional zippers and adjustable straps for a genuinely versatile setup. It’s also voluminous. Honestly it looks like there’s enough material to wrap round yourself three or four times. Or, you know, to make a tent. Which you can do because collapsible tent poles and a manual are included. When fully erect, neat geometric patterns decorate the interior's nylon walls.

There is a catch, though. It’s not going to be challenging any of the tents in our best one-person tents buying guide, because it’s not waterproof (your alarm bells may have been ringing when we mentioned above that the jacket was “water-repellant”).

Instead, Nike is calling it a “sun-shading tent”, so something more suited to one-day festivals when you might want some shade rather than an epic, multi-day trek. If it’s any kind of success, though, and not just a gimmick, maybe Nike would consider a waterproof version.

But it does have one last trick up its sleeve. The Nike ISPA Metamorph Poncho can also transform into a carryable bag.

And all for the price of roughly $620. The Nike ISPA Metamorph Poncho is available now at retailers including like END, Livestock and BSTN.