Nike launches plush new running shoe with beginners in mind

Nike Motiva running show on green background
(Image credit: Nike)

Nike has debuted a new road running shoe designed for runners who mix different speeds in their training. The Nike Motiva is made with new runners in mind – particularly those whose training involves switching between periods of running, jogging, and walking.

Most running plans for beginners (such as couch to 5k) involve a mix of speeds, alternating running and walking, and gradually building up to running for an extended time. The Nike Motiva has been designed to help make those transitions smoother, using data from over 1,000 runners who train this way.

There are several features that make the Motiva different from a more typical running shoe. For example, Nike found that people moving at a slower pace are more likely to be hard heel-strikers, so the new shoe has an exaggerated rocker shape to encourage smooth energy transfer, and help the foot roll forward naturally.

Keep on moving

The shoe also has extra soft midsole foam cushioning, which helps absorb the force of a heavier heel strike. There's also a specially textured outsole, with soft ComfortGroove bumps that compress in areas of particularly high impact.

The overall idea is to transfer as much energy as possible, helping new runners feel less fatigued and encouraging them to keep going.

The Motiva will be available in May for £99.95 (US prices have yet to be confirmed). It will come in both men's and women's sizes, in a range of subtle and bright colors.

Cat Ellis

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