Outdoors brand launches new Mountain Athletics collection

Mountain Athletics collection
The North Face launches new Mountain Athletics collection (Image credit: The North Face)

An outdoors brand has launched a new clothing collection as part of a so-called “Have you Ever” campaign. 

The North Face Mountain Athletics range has a specific type of person in mind: Men and women who work out and challenge themselves indoors... to prepare for the outdoors.

The collection, including footwear and apparel, is said to “combine functionality with style, bringing technical performance alongside classic The North Face design”.

Product features include  VECTIV™ Hypnum footwear for "stability and energy return from the ground up” and FlashDry™ for “enhanced moisture management”.

The men’s and women’s collection is also planet-friendly with key items utilising 100% recycled polyester, including a women’s full-zip jacket and a men’s hybrid tee. 

Mountain Athletics collection

Products are for people who 'challenge themselves indoors to prepare for the outdoors' (Image credit: The North Face)

Mountain Athletics collection

The are North Face Mountain Athletics collection products for men and women (Image credit: The North Face)

Mountain Athletics collection

ManyThe North Face items are planet-friendly  (Image credit: The North Face)

The range of products are sold in tonal colours of greys and black with the idea that “the collection will feel as at home in the gym, as out in the mountains”. We presume this means they are versatile and perfectly wearable indoors and outdoors.

The North Face “Have You Ever” theme is explained by the brand creators as "celebrating the moments in life that invoke the spirit of adventure".

They add: "It's an initiative that aims to be an inspiration to explorers around the world, encouraging them to get out and discover exciting experiences."

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