Get a sneaky extra Garmin badge by recording any activity today – here's how

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Want to add an extra Garmin badge to your collection? Today, you can do exactly that by making a temporary tweak to your personal settings in the Garmin Connect web app, then recording any activity you like. Cheating? Well, maybe just a little, but since the badge won't actually gain you anything other than a feeling of mild smugness, we won't hold it against you.

Garmin badges are small virtual awards you receive for completing challenges (such as running your first marathon or completing a 50km bike ride). Most badges can be earned at any time, but some (such as the Halloween, Christmas, and New Year badges) can only be gained on certain days.

Today (May 1) is International Workers' Day (also known as International Labor Day), and marks the anniversary of a general strike held by the American Federation of Labor in 1886 to demand an eight-hour working day.

To mark the occasion, Garmin is giving users a special badge (worth one point) if they complete any activity on the day. The catch? It's only available in specific countries in Europe and Asia: Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, and Taiwan.

Garmin International Workers' Day badge

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If you live elsewhere, don't worry – there's a little trick to get around it. Just open the Garmin Connect app on your phone, tap the 'More' button on the bottom left and select 'Settings', followed by 'Profile and privacy'. Tap 'Manage Garmin account' to access your account details, then tap 'Edit'. You can now change your country to one of those where the badge is available.

Just make sure to switch back again once you're done. We promise we won't tell anyone.

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