Tourist leads small child onto cliff above raging waterfall at Olympic National Park

Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park, USA
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A woman has been caught on camera at Olympic National Park climbing out onto a cliff face over a raging waterfall, taking her young daughter with her.

The incident, which appears to be at Sol Duc Falls,  was recorded by another park visitor, Christina Michelle, who can be heard shouting over the sound of the water for the woman to get down.

Christina's video was shared via Instagram account TouronsOfNationalParks, which calls out bad behavior at sites of natural beauty, past examples of which have included people dabbling their hands in hot springs and stalking bison along boardwalks with their children in tow.

Neither the woman nor the child appears to be wearing hiking shoes or boots, which makes the situation even more dangerous.

"Olympic is a wilderness park filled with natural wonders and potential hazards," the National Park Service (NPS) warns visitors. "Your safety is not guaranteed. Regulations are strictly enforced to protect you and the park's resources."

Waterfall safety

There are 25 spectacular waterfalls in Olympic, but it's important to take care when enjoying them and make sure you're well prepared before heading out on a hike. Mist, slippery rocks, and steep slopes can all pose a potential danger.

"What’s the rush? (Besides the water.) If you’re exploring a waterfall, make sure to know the potential hazards," says the NPS. "Keep a safe distance from the edge, avoid slippery rocks, wear stable shoes (flippy floppies may lead to slippy sloppies) and always watch your footing."

To enjoy your time in the park safely, make sure you plan your hikes in advance, tell someone where you're going and when you plan to be back, and check off your list of hiking essentials.

Our roundup of the best hikes in Olympic National Park includes lots of options for hikers of all ages and abilities, with routes that will take you through lush temperate rainforests, along rugged beaches and up to the peaks of glacier-capped mountains.

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