Fjällräven updates its Abisko Friluft backpack with comfier, more ergonomic design

Man wearing Fjällräven Abisko Friluft backpack
(Image credit: Fjällräven)

Fjällräven has revamped its popular Abisko Friluft backpack just in time for hiking season, with a more ergonomic design, recycled materials, and a new size option.

The Abisko Friluft is one of Fjällräven's most popular large-capacity hiking backpacks, available in 35-liter and 45-liter versions, and the new version also comes in two sizes (S/M and M/L), so you can pick one that suits your body shape and size.

The company has updated the bag's shoulder straps and waist belt for a more comfortable fit during long expeditions, which is particularly important when carrying a heavily-laden pack, while keeping the original bag's mesh back panel. This allows air to circulate, helping avoid sweatiness as the temperature and humidity rise.

The revamped bag is now made using recycled 210B polyamide fabric for the body and recycled 500D polyamide for the base, and other recycled material for the lining to reduce reliance on virgin materials. To help it last longer, Fjällräven also offers a comprehensive care and repair guide so you can maintain your bag and other gear properly at home.

A large pocket on the front provides plenty of space to stash your waterproof jacket or windbreaker, or to keep muddy items separate from your clean gear and equipment. 

The new Fjällräven Abisko Friluft is available now, priced at $200/£225 for the 35-liter version, and $225/£250 for the 45-liter model. Prices are the same whether you pick S/M or M/L.

Cat Ellis

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