Your Coros watch just got a huge boost with a brand new mobile app

Coros Apex 2 watch
(Image credit: Future)

Sports watch maker Coros has completely revamped its mobile app, making it simpler to navigate and adding a wealth of new features, including a route planner and improved fitness tracking.

The apps for some GPS watches can be overwhelming, but the updated Coros app now comprises just four main pages: Progress, Activities, Explore and Profile. Perhaps the most exciting of these is Explore, where you can plan a route and sent it directly to your phone without the need for any third-party tools. 

Unlike Garmin's in-app route planner, which only lets you specify a start point, overall bearing, and distance, the new Coros tool allows you to draw your own courses, add waypoints, and edit routes on your phone. Once you're done, the app allows you to transfer the route straight to your Coros Apex 2, Apex 2 Pro, or Vertix 2. There's also a firmware update for the Coros Pace 2, which adds breadcrumb navigation

I'll be testing the new app soon with a Coros Vertix 2, and seeing how the route planner compares to its rivals. Early signs look promising.

Smarter training

Coros has made big updates to its EvoLab training tool too, making it more accurate when it comes to monitoring your baseline fitness. You should find it easier to access your data as well, and there are new Running Fitness and Training Status scores, as well as extra fitness tests to assess your progress.

The company has also added support for Google Health Connect, which allows Android users to sync data with apps including Peloton, WeightWatchers, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, and others.

Firmware included in this release is available to download direct from Coros until mid-May, when it's expected to roll out to all watch owners.

There's also news on the pricing front, too. From April 20, Coros has reduced the prices of the Apex 2 and Apex 2 Pro in USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD. If you bought your watch before April 20 in one of those currencies, you can apply for a credit to offset the difference.

Cat Ellis

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