Amok Draumr 5.0 hammock review: an innovative hammock that can transform into a chair

An innovative, all-in-one hammock, the Amok Draumr 5.0 is built to go anywhere

Amok Draumr 5.0
(Image: © Amok)

Advnture Verdict

The Amok Draumr 5.0 boasts innovative design that re-thinks traditional hammock theory to come up with a suspended lie-flat platform that transforms into a fully supported chair.


  • +

    Complete all-weather sleeping system

  • +

    Flat, insulated sleeping platform

  • +

    Integral zip-round bug net

  • +

    Transforms into a suspended easy chair


  • -

    Bulkier and heavier than simpler designs

  • -

    Positioning makes it tricky to use the ground as a cooking base

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First impressions

The Amok Draumr 5.0 is a hammock with a difference. The Amok’s Norwegian bushcraft-enthusiast manufacturers have drawn on several Scandinavian preoccupations for their mould-breaking design: style, comfort and thwarting mosquitoes (though it always helps to have some of best insect repellents handy).

Rather than sleeping lengthwise between suspension points, as with the best hammocks in our guide, the Amok provides a fabric platform that hangs across its axis. It’s an innovative design that – using adjustable straps and an integral inflatable mat – allows you to sleep flat, sit-up or pull the platform into a comfortable, supporting lounger-chair shape for evening reading or contemplating the stars.

A ‘floor’ pocket takes the included inflatable mat or other firm insulation, there are numerous pockets to hold kit and there is a full zip-round bug net over an integral ridge line. Amok’s own shaped rain fly, or another tarp big enough to cover the configuration provides weather-proofing.


• RRP: $200 (US) /£190 (UK) / €220 (EU)
• Weight:  Standard 1,285g / 45 XL 1,390g / 49oz
• Size: Standard 185cm x 70cm / 73in x 28in XL 210cm x 70cm / 82in x 27in
• Suspension system: Fully adjustable straps
• Fabric: 70D ripstop nylon
• Accessories included: Mosquito net, all suspension straps
• Accessories available: Inflatable mat, lightweight tarp
• Colors: Woody green / Camo

In the field

I assumed that I’d be able to work out how the Amok Draumr 5.0 works; how different from a traditional hammock could it be? Well, on first putting it up I got it mostly right, but missed out on the fine-tuning that the company’s website instructional videos provide; they are essential watching if you want to get the best out of what is a complex bit of kit. Hanging the Amok, as well as arranging your bedding and getting in are all well worth practising before you first use the set-up in anger.

Once I had the details worked out, though, it was more like having a suspended tent than a hammock, and with the brand’s own tarp, other accessories and enough know-how could be used to provide the basis for cosy winter camping. By adjusting straps one can reconfigure the platform into a ‘Z’ shaped chair with back and leg support, and still protected by the integral mosquito net if needed.

For lounging or reading I couldn’t have been much more comfortable in the outdoors, but it doesn’t allow for the easy use of the ground as a work surface for cooking or other tasks. There’s a weight and bulk penalty, too, but not that much if you’re canoe or cycle camping, or ski touring using a pulk, and want lie-back luxury in the wilderness.

Jasper Winn

After a wild childhood in west Cork, Jasper Winn began embarking on long cycles, walks, horse journeys and kayak trips across five continents – adventures he’s decanted into books, magazine articles, radio and television documentaries. Keen on low-tech but good gear, Jasper is an advocate of slow adventures by paddle, pedal, saddle, boot and sail. He has circumnavigated Ireland by kayak and cycled across the Sahara. Twice. Having ridden north-to-south across Algeria he discovered the only way to get back was to turn round and pedal north again.