Icebreaker Women's Cool-Lite Amplify Short Sleeve Low Crewe T-Shirt review

This ultra-breathable running top harnesses the natural performance of merino wool to keep you comfortable and dry on the trails and is stylish enough to wear around town

A woman wearing the Icebreaker Amplify Short Sleeve Low Crewe T-Shirt
(Image: © Icebreaker)

Advnture Verdict

This low-key, stylish running top is super lightweight and ultra-breathable, keeping you cool when you’re running and hiking and warm when you’re at camp


  • +

    Incorporates natural materials

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    Odor resistant


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    Relatively expensive

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Icebreaker Women's Cool-Lite Amplify Short Sleeve Low Crewe T-Shirt: first impressions 

On the rack, this running top promises to keep you cool during high intensity movement. It is a stylish and lightweight technical tee that fits neither snug nor loose and is suitable for running, hiking and camping, making a great alternative to tank and long-sleeve styles. 

This top is made from Cool-Lite, a lightweight and breathable fabric blend of merino wool, TENCEL and nylon, which is designed to wick moisture away from your body and regulate body temperature, so it’s intended for hefty runs on warm days, but also keeps you warm at camp. 

It features an eyelet mesh back for full ventilation, underarm gusset for mobility, and offset shoulder seams meant to prevent pack rub if you’re wearing a hydration pack or hiking with a backpack.


RRP: $75 (US) / £65 (UK)
Sizes available: XS–XL
Weight: 126g / 4.4oz
Materials: Front Body Merino Wool (52%), TENCEL (35%) and Nylon (13%) Back Body Merino Wool (51%), TENCEL (35%) and Nylon (14%)
Colors: Black, pink
Best use: trail running, hiking, base layer 

Icebreaker Women's Cool-Lite Amplify Short Sleeve Low Crewe T-Shirt: on the trails 

View from the back of a woman wearing the Women's Cool-Lite Amplify Short Sleeve Low Crewe T-Shirt

This stylish running top promises to keep you cool during high intensity movement (Image credit: Icrebreaker)

I ended up wearing this shirt for several days straight in the fall and have a lot of good things to say about it. Due to the seasonal temperature swings at the time, it kept me cool during a 10km trail run on one warmer day and kept me warm on a chilly morning run a few days later. I was really impressed with the moisture wicking capacity as I sweated quite a bit in it the first day and it was bone dry soon after. Best of all, it never got stinky. I'll admit, I liked it so much I ended up wearing it around town too which, in my book, compensates for the relatively high price tag. It makes a good base layer at camp too.

Here’s how it performed:


According to the description, this top is designed to be neither snug nor loose. Though the website shows it to be on the snug end, I found it to be on the slightly looser end, which I liked. It’s fitted and drapey so it’s quite flattering if, like me, you end up wearing it around town, but there’s not so much extra fabric that you can’t easily tuck it in. It doesn’t restrict movement at all. 


I’m on the smaller end of the chart and I found the small size to be flatteringly loose without flapping in the breeze. However, if you prefer a snug running top, you may want to size down. 


Though you can tell this top contains wool, it’s a pretty soft blend and unless you’re ultra sensitive, you won’t even notice it on your skin. I wouldn’t sleep in it but I’d do almost anything else in it. I sweated hard and gave this a thorough test on the trail and experienced no chafing or annoying rubbing. 

Temperature regulation 

I wore this top on a couple of warm days and never felt very hot. I also wore it out one early morning chilly hill run and after about the first five minutes, I was comfortable. 


I got a good sweat going several times in the shirt, which never felt particularly soggy and within minutes of finishing my run it was bone dry. Best of all, there were no armpit stains afterwards.

Odor control 

I was probably most impressed with the odor control. I don’t wear deodorant and after wearing this shirt for several days including two 10km runs, there was barely any odor detectable. 


After a couple of good runs and one wash, it looks as good as new. Since it doesn’t get stinky, you’ll wash it less meaning it should last longer. 

Here’s where we tested the Women's Cool-Lite Amplify Short Sleeve Low Crewe T-Shirt: 

This 10km out and back trail run begins in Strathblane and skirts the bottom of Dumgoyne offering views of Ben Lomond and Loch Lomond in the distance.

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