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Jack Wolfskin Grow Up Star child’s sleeping bag review: it gets longer as they grow taller

Full of funky features, the Jack Wolfskin Grow Up Star grows with your child

Jack Wolfskin Grow Up Star
(Image: © Jack Wolfskin)

Our Verdict

The Grow Up Star is a really well-featured sleeping bag, which is suitable for a wide range of adventures and grows with your kids.


  • Adjustable length grows with the child
  • Low weight and pack size
  • PFC free


  • Fairly expensive for its length

Jack Wolfskin Grow Up Star: first impressions

With an attractively designed outer, the Jack Wolfskin Grow Up Star immediately appeals to most children (not to mention a hidden pocket for stashing midnight snacks). This feature-packed sleeping bag is guaranteed to make any youngster feel like a real-life adventurer when sleeping out in the wilds. 

There is a lot going on within this bag, which you can extend as your little camping buddy gets taller. Adjustability and robustness are two qualities that encouraged us to really recommend this sleeping bag, which your children should get many years’ use from (if it’s treated with proper care).


• RRP: £70 (UK)
• Weight: 910g / 2Ib
• Style: Adjustable length mummy with hood
• Length: 150-190cm / 59-75in
• Max user height: 160cm / 63in
• Pack size: 29x23cm / 11.5x9in
• Fill: PFC-free Polyester Microguard
• Colors: Electric Blue
• Compatibility: Family camping trips, backpacking

Jack Wolfskin Grow Up Star: in the field

The most scoring points, according to our mini testers, were awarded for the star pattern design on the outside, and the secret pocket on the inside. They would have been happy with those features alone, to be honest, but there is much more to this sleeping bags than good looks and sneaky smuggling pockets. 

The smart, adjustable design of the Grow Up Star stops children sliding down into the bag when they’re smaller but, as they grow and get longer, the expandable foot section unzips to add on an extra 40cm (16in) in length, seeing most kids comfortably into their early teens. Clever stuff. 

Made from 100% PFC-free polyester, the Jack Wolfskin Grow Up Star offers a comfortable, breathable sleeping environment to go inside your family tent (or that spare two-person tent you specially reserve for the kids so they don’t snigger at your snoring). The inner is soft to the touch, skin-friendly and fast drying, while the outer is a more durable weave fabric. The Microguard insulation retains its shape well and repels moisture for rapid drying. 

The cosy hood is adjustable, trapping warm air effectively inside, while body-mapped insulation reduces cold spots, including extra fill in the foot section to keep those toes toasty.