Jungle Formula Dry Protect Pump Spray insect repellent review

Jungle Formula Dry Protect Pump Spray offers maximum all-day protection for tropical travels thanks to 50% DEET

Jungle Formula Dry Protect Pump Spray
(Image: © Jungle Formula)

Advnture Verdict

If you can cope with the pong, and so long as you don’t have sensitive skin, Jungle Formula is a reliable repellent for use in places where you’re going to suffer without proper protection.


  • +

    Reliable protection even in areas with insect transmitted diseases

  • +

    Approved by the London Hospital for Tropical Diseases


  • -

    Strong smell

  • -

    Large dosage of DEET

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First thoughts

Heading into the tropics? Pack Jungle Formula Dry Protect Pump Spray. Designed for ‘tropical, heavy wooded and lake areas or when extra protection is needed’, this spray is made up of 50% DEET, making it ideal for areas with a high risk of malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses such as dengue fever and yellow fever.

Jungle Formula does have a strong chemical smell and feels thick and a little oily on the skin, but it’s well worth it for reliable all-day protection. Jungle Formula is designed to be applied once, so spray liberally on exposed skin for even coverage. Be careful on sensitive skin, tough – avoid your eyes and mouth and spray the repellent onto your hands before applying to your face and hairline.

There are multiple other versions of this repellent available, including a handy roll-on you can stick in your pocket and ‘medium’ and ‘outdoor and camping’ versions with less DEET which are better suited to more casual outdoor adventures.

In the field

We tested out Jungle Formula in Asia and were impressed with how well it kept biters at bay, lasting eight hours with one application and staying put even on sweaty treks.

This is strong stuff – it’s not recommended for children – and you could use something much milder for casual staycations or exploring in Europe, but if you need a repellent that you can really rely on during long-haul travels, or if you’re allergic to insect bites, this is one of our top picks. It also works upside down, ideal for when you want to protect your feet and ankles on the go.

Jungle Formula doesn’t smell great – it has a rather chemically odour – but we felt this was well worth living with, in return for hardcore protection.

Sian Lewis

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